Prof. Dr.
Mehmet Engin DENİZ

As Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Education, we aspire to equip our students with the highest level of professional and scientific competencies through the qualified education we deliver. In line with this aim, we pursue the contributions of different disciplines to the field of education and learning with great enthusiasm. In our faculty, we host future leaders of educators who recognize the developmental characteristics of students, acknowledge the evolvingfunction of schools and education, and who can compete professionallyin the international arena. In this respect, we strive to ensure thatour students graduate as innovative individuals who are well-versed in current teaching approaches and methods, and who are socially adept.


Taking the universal standards for teaching into account, we endeavour to challenge and appreciate the skills and expertise required for teaching profession. The integration of versatile and adaptable skills and the needs of the individualsis in the core of our educational philosophy. For this purpose, in our faculty, we are effortlessly trying to fulfilthe requirements for being an organization keen on learning and emphasize the importance of development in continuousendeavour.


Our faculty members publish in prestigious scholarly journals, carry out scientific research projects funded by national and international organizations, and work in close cooperation with other educational institutions and non-governmental organizations to contribute directly to the Turkish Educational System.We would like to state that we are open to cooperate with all the stakeholders in the field of research and practice in order to transform our human capital into social capital and increase the quality of the Turkish Educational System.


We invite you to get to know more about how we maintain recent practices and research activitiesin our Faculty of Education at Yıldız Technical University.



Prof. Dr. Mehmet Engin DENİZ

Dean, Faculty of Education

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