Prof. Dr.
Mustafa ARSLAN


Teachers play a significant role in the formation of an individual’s character and their level of knowledge. It has been demonstrated that where advances in information technology play a crucial role - that societies need guides to assist in maintaining these advances, utilizing them in an appropriate manner. Teachers, who have the most important role in the individual development of knowledge and character, do their job on this basis.  In addition, an educator’s role in social and moral development is quite important with regard to assisting in the formation of a student’s character.


Our Faculty of Education, established at Yildiz Technical University in 2003, considers the aforementioned issues its guiding principles with an eye toward cultivating teachers who are well-rounded.  This encompasses the scientific and social level as well as the cultivation of a sense of self-confidence and devotion.  In this respect, our Faculty of Education with its qualified academic staff and faculty members, coupled with the necessary technological equipment, continually keeps abreast of recent educational trends and advances to further enhance student education.  


Currently, our faculty continues its educational activities with five departments: Computer and Instructional Technology Education, Foreign Language Education, Educational Sciences, Turkish Education and Primary Education. Our faculty resides on the Davutpaşa Campus, a center of historical as well as modern buildings, centrally located within the city parameters. This unique campus, the largest in Istanbul, is an example of a modern university that is prepared to meet our students’ needs in the 21st century and beyond.

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