The Faculty of Education was established under the auspices of Yıldız Technical University by the Council of Ministers and announced in the official national gazette on December 18, 2003.


Vision of the Faculty of Education

To enhance and develop excellent teachers, managers and professionals who contribute to determining Turkish policy in education and whose level of training and education will be preferred by the top educational institutions of our nation.


Mission of the Faculty of Education

Our mission as the Faculty of Education is to develop excellent teachers, executives and professionals who will be groomed to be future leaders in the technology age of the 21st century and beyond.

Our aim is guiding students in their professional development in becoming independent out-of-the-box thinkers who are equipped to use the most current educational technology effectively. They will also be able to transfer these skills when combining theory and practice - working on both national and international projects. Students will also be prepared to internalize scientific and ethical values, working within a corporate culture, producing knowledge, conducting research, using highly effective communication skills with their own students while being able to question themselves within a common value system.


In relation to our country’s requirements, objective criteria will be used in selecting our teaching staff according to a modern educational curriculum that is continually expanding. Our mission also includes providing a suitable environment supported with the most current educational technology for students that promotes creative thinking, problem solving, taking responsibility, teamwork and accessing research.


To maintain and expand a faculty of education that provides a positive physical, social and cultural environment in order to create a strong network for the faculty’s professional advancement while conducting research at the national and international level.